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“Weirdo space-age surf lounge for the terminally hip and playful ”
— Alienated In Vancouver

"Technically, it’s a tour de force...
pure retro fun with a sparkly nitro finish."

— Georgia Straight

'Square Moon', Vancouver guitarist Stephen Nikleva's debut album released through Northern Electric (NES 037), is an eclectic baker's dozen of original instrumentals recalling the 'exotica' albums of the late '50s. Recorded in Vancouver with longtime collaborator and co-producer Marc L'Esperance guests include virtuoso Montreal musette accordionist Steve Normandin, while Tunisian native Meriem Ben Amor adds vocalizing to 'The Snake Dance' and 'Eastern Surf' and Max Murphy, former sax man with Five Alarm Funk adds some baritone growl to 'Hot Rod'!

In LA his guitar playing with Petunia & the Vipers has gained him fans among such legends as Exene Cervenka (X), and recent Grammy nominees Phil & Dave Alvin (The Blasters), the latter who dubbed him 'The Intimitador' in reference to his guitar prowess. But really Stephen is a collaborator, an approach he has honed from many years accompanying, touring and producing singer songwriters and working in bands. It is a virtual list of top music to come out of Vancouver, or indeed Canada over the last 30 years- Ferron, Mae Moore, Paul Hyde, Elizabeth Fischer (Animal Slaves, Dark Blue World), Sandy Scofield, Sarah McLachlan, Veda Hille, and Dan Mangan. His association with the Vancouver’s roots scene goes back to the legendary Jimmy Roy's 5 Star Hillbillies through to Ray Condo & The Ricochets, and currently with Petunia & the Vipers. After his sold out CD release at the historic tiki bar at The Waldorf Hotel Stephen flew off to Istanbul to tour with Lache Cercel & His Roma Swing Ensemble, flying back in time to play a concert with Petunia & the Vipers!


You can catch Stephen in Vancouver with his group which includes Patrick Metzger (Bass), Paul Townsend (Drums), and Noah Walker on 2nd Guitar!


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